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Expenses include hotels, restaurants, car rental, fuel, conferences, import and export fees, legal fees and other international expenses.

Travel & Expenses

VAT refund on international Travel & Expenses. Hotels, Entertainment and VAT Registration.

Corporate Expenditure

Corporate expenditure in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Canada.

Research and Developement

VAT is often charged on Research and Development services from international vendors like hospitals, clinics and research centres.


Meetings, Conferences and Events, charged by suppliers in foreign countries.

Haulage and Fuel

Haulage companies and fuel costs can have up to 30% charged on international invoices.

Import & Drop Shipping

Purchasing of goods from a European vendor and then shipping them to European customers. VAT refund on an invoice from a freight forwarder, such as Federal Express or UPS.

Fees & Marketing

VAT charged on Professional Fees and Marketing services from European vendors.


VAT is charged on Inter-Company invoices to US Companies from its European subsidiaries.

Tours & Movies

VAT refund for international Tour operators and Entertainment professionals. TV and Motion Picture Production VAT charges in Europe.