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Simple Steps for a Corporate VAT Refund

US companies that incur Value Added Tax (VAT) on business-related expenses in Europe, England, Australia, Canada, South Korea, and Japan are entitled to a Corporate VAT refund if they follow the proper VAT reclaim procedures. Global VaTax has the necessary forms, experience, and relationships to expedite and maximize your VAT refund. Value Added Tax is called GST in Australia and Canada, and in Japan it is JCT. VAT refund rules and registration requirements vary from country to country and expense types. In some cases, VAT registration is necessary in order to get the refund

Expense Management extraction

Either via our direct connection to your EMS or uploading an Excel file. Receive access to your private encrypted online portal. Gain access to your customized VAT potential and Submission Analysis Charts and Reports via VaTax Cloud.

Backend Process

VaTax Cloud circumvents invoice format and missing data entry (VAT costs) challenges by implementing backend algorithms and OCR technology.

Our software uses sophisticated OCR technology to read all invoice formats, flag all VAT eligible invoices and input the necessary data, regardless of how employees enter their expenses in the original expense management software system.

This way, you can be assured that any discrepancies or errors will be found, and the maximum refund achieved.

Setup Documentation

Global VaTax will provide clear instructions and prepare the required documents for the tax refund authorities. In no way are these forms connected to your local filing of taxes. They are simply registration documents. These forms are required before any VAT reclaim can proceed and sometimes they can take 30 to 45 days to get back, so we encourage you to begin the process as soon as possible.


Send us all the original invoices. Some countries require that the invoices be issued to the company name and corporate address. We will assist you in this process and if necessary, have your invoices reissued by the original supplier.


Global VaTax will process the invoices, preparing and sending the necessary forms to you for your review and signature.


The VAT claim will be submitted to the necessary local tax authorities, and Global VaTax will communicate with those offices with any questions or resubmission claims.


Succesful refund claims will be paid out by the local tax authorities in about 2-6 months and the funds will be paid to your company minus the Global VaTax commission. The original invoices will be returned to you at that time if you choose.

Corporate VAT Refund Filing Deadlines

CountryInvoice DatesDeadline
AustriaJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
FinlandJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
FranceJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
GermanyJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
IrelandJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
JapanPer QuaterQuaterly
NetherlandsJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
SwedenJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
SwitzerlandJan 1 – Dec 31June 30th
U.K.July 1 – June 30Dec 31st

Corporate VAT Refund Standard Rates

CountryVAT Name
AustriaMwSt, VAT
FinlandALV, VAT
FranceTVA, VAT
GermanyMwSt, VAT
NetherlandsBTW, VAT
United KingdomVAT
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* Please be aware that we do not reclaim personal VAT on merchandise purchased abroad.